About Linda

Education & Work

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterI went to Harvard Divinity School when I was 48 years old, a few years after I leaving my job of 12 years where I was a senior manager working for a Department of Labor funded non-profit that helped youth who had dropped out of high school get GEDs and jobs. Those youth taught me how to live into my bones, how to be authentic, how to show up with all of me.

With those few in between years, I worked at a hospital in the Integrative Therapies Department offering people who were suffering relaxation strategies and compassion. The chaplain at that hospital and I became fast friends and through our many conversations I understood that my next step was to become a Unitarian Universalist minister.

Unitarian Universalism is a unique practice that is non-creedal, meaning we have no holy text or beliefs that we all share. Rather we covenant to affirm and promote seven principles which promise that we are all worthy, that life is interconnected, that truth is always unfolding.

On Nantucket

And through some grace and good luck, the stunning church full of whole hearted people on Nantucket Island chose me to be their minister in 2013, the year I graduated from Harvard Divinity School.

I’ve been here ever since. Serving with my heart wide open, learning every day how to be a more present, alive, whole human being: in other words, how to live into my humanity with grace.

My Mission

My mission in life is to increase the measure of love and justice in the world.

Next Steps...

Please contact me to discuss your hopes and dreams for your wedding and your future. I'd love to be part of your special day.