My thanks to the many couples who have allowed me to share their special day of union and love. I am grateful for their kind words.

Mike Belzer and Michele Ritchey, Wauwinet, July 10, 2018

You made our wedding day very memorable and special with your warm and caring heart. We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you did with our wedding ceremony!  It was amazing! Our fear of eloping was the ceremony would not be personal, but you did a fabulous job of personalizing it!  It was the perfect day and everything we could have dreamed it would be.

Laurence and Eddy Karnabi, Brant Point Light House, May 10, 2018

We thank Rev Simmons for the beautiful ceremony of our wedding. She made everything very personalized and meaningful. She has a warm approach and makes us feel like family. We could not have chosen a better celebrant! We highly recommend her.

Sherry and Rick DeAmelio, Private Home Nantucket, May 2, 2018

Reverend Linda Simmons was a wonderfully integral part of our wedding process. Through emails, Skype and in person she took the time to understand us, our relationship, beliefs and lives to craft a ceremony that was tailored to fit; all of which made our ceremony comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. It was incredible that fate introduced us to a minister that fit so well and made our wedding such an incredible experience

Nicole Wager & Billy Gross, UU Meeting House, Hendrix Hall, December 30, 2018

It truly is difficult to find the words that express how amazing our experience was with Rev Simmons.  First, I must say that Rev Simmons is one of the kindest, gentlest, and caring people we’ve ever met in our lives.  Throughout our engagement, she showed such genuine interest in our lives, our ceremonial plans, and opened up her both herself and the Unitarian Meeting House to us.  Rev Simmons expressed a sincere excitement in learning about our love for each other.  My husband and I often reminisce about our amazing wedding and both agree that one of the most wonderful parts of it was Rev Simmons herself.  She was she able to capture our love for each other in a very personalized and unique way.  

It was extremely important to Rev Simmons that she took the time to know us, and more importantly, not just why we love each other, but how we fell in love.  This is exactly what we wanted … someone who cared more about us than about going through the motions of an ordinary ceremony.  Rev Simmons gave us the most unique “homework” assignment that consisted of some very thought provoking questions.  We’ll still never forget the day she had us meet her and visit the Meeting House prior to the wedding.  She hosted us for tea at her home and the three of us sat together and read the answers to her questions for the first time to each other … it was beautiful!

We will forever treasure our wedding day!  All of our family members continue to tell us that they had never been to such a magical ceremony.  If you’re planning a wedding, and want to go through a genuinely unique and wonderful experience, we’d highly recommend Rev Simmons for your ceremony.  Her genuine character, spirit, and passion for love and matrimony will make your day even more special than you can imagine.

Clay Twombly and Joe Olson, Unitarian Meeting House, October 15, 2016

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony | Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding Minister

“From the first time we sat down with Rev. Linda Simmons to talk about our wedding, we knew we were in good hands. Not only did she guide us through the formalities of creating a wedding ceremony, but she nurtured both of us along the path of preparing for marriage. She told us from the beginning that she was there to support us and she never let us down. And she couldn’t have been more right! Linda is our minister, and we were so blessed and honored to have her officiate our wedding and are grateful she is still a part of our lives.”

Pamela and Daniel Haddad, Brant Point, September 10, 2016

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding OfficiantWe adore Reverend Linda – she is fabulous! We are so blessed to have had her as such an integral part of our special day and wedding planning year. From day one, we felt at peace when with Reverend Linda. Her calming presence, confidence, honesty, and knowledge allowed us to trust her immediately.

Actually, moments after meeting her, we just knew we had to have her marry us! Reverend Linda spent time getting to know us, whether it be in person at her home in Nantucket over tea, or via phone and email when we were off island. She  stayed connected with us throughout the year and was very attentive and thoughtful – she kept us on track and we did not have to worry about a thing, which is rarity when planning a wedding!

She made a point to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. She ensured she understood what was important to us, and helped us stay true to our wish to keep our ceremony as the focal point of our wedding day. Every detail of our ceremony was customized to be a true reflection of us and our love story. And, she ensured all of the pieces of our ceremony came together flawlessly.

We are so grateful to have Reverend Linda in our lives and will be forever thankful for the positive influence she has had on us and the incredible strength, peace, and thoughtfulness she brought to our wedding day!

Zach and Ashley Danzinger, Wauwinet, August 8, 2016

“Linda Simmons is an accommodating, kind-hearted, and professional person and we loved having her officiate our wedding. Our ceremony was challenging in that it combined practices of two faiths, but Linda was able to understand what we wanted, respect the spirit of our ceremony and even learn and recite a few non-English words. On short notice (due to circumstances beyond our control) Linda made time to meet with us to discuss our ceremony, ask us deep questions about our relationship and synthesize our answers into a beautifully written affirmation of marriage. Perhaps most importantly, her calming spirit put us at ease when we were most anxious about wedding preparations, and many of our guests at the rehearsal dinner mentioned how confident and relaxed they felt because of Linda’s leadership and kindness. We feel so lucky that Linda was able to officiate our wedding, and cannot thank her enough for the wonderful job she did.”

Scott & Lacey Farrell, Unitarian Meeting House, June 11, 2016

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterMy husband and I were very lucky to have Linda Simmons officiate our wedding.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Linda in the months leading up to our ceremony.  She was kind, compassionate, and very easy to talk to.  She put us at ease.  Linda led a beautifully written ceremony that thoughtfully incorporated personal details from our prior conversations and meetings.  Linda was poised and warm throughout the ceremony.  She did a good job engaging our guests, all while making my husband and me feel like we were the only people in the room.  We were thrilled to be married by Linda!

Natalie Ciminero and Arlene O’Reilly, Unitarian Meeting House, June 4, 2016

“It was important to us that our ceremony be held in a sacred and spiritual space that embodied an open mind, open heart and historical presence. Further, fully understanding that we have absolutely no control over the often unpredictable island weather,

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding Minister

we knew it was crucial that we select an indoor location with plenty of space and time-honored beauty. We feel strongly that the UU Meeting House is an integral earmark of the Nantucket Landscape as well as a fundamental thread of the Nantucket web of life. Its essence is one of non-bias support and acceptance, and for us personally, a place where intellect and love reside hand in hand. These are key elements of our relationship, so it seemed entirely befitting and a natural choice.

Linda was wonderful from the very beginning to the celebratory end. She extended herself to us as individuals and a couple. She supported and challenged us; listened and shared; guided and nurtured the process for and with us. Our personal feelings and wishes were acknowledged and honored. She welcomed us with open arms and invited us to help shape a ceremony and experience that would forever be one of the most important experiences of our lives. Linda offered a cornucopia of wisdom and an exuberance of spirit. With a steady hand, jubilant laugh and gracious approach, she was more than just an officiant, she was an extension of humanity and we will forever be thankful for the time we spent with her.”

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterJames Michael Angelo and Jonathan Warren, Unitarian Meeting House, October 3, 2015

“The moment we walked into the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House we knew we wanted to be married there. It was a spiritual experience. Then we met Rev. Linda Simmons. The three of us formed an instant connection. We felt cared for and seen by her, and for a gay couple that is a gift. We never thought marriage would be an option in our lifetime, and Linda understood the gravity of this. She guided us through our initial sit down and gave us questions to answer about each other. It was an invaluable exercise. Then our special day came. And on that altar the three of us had another spiritual experience that brought laughter and tears. We are forever grateful for the gift Linda has given us. We wish the same joy, love, understanding and guidance for all couples who embark on the journey of marriage. Linda continues to be a guide in our lives and a piece of our hearts.”

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterCally and Brett Bralver, Unitarian Meeting House, July 18, 2015

We had a wonderful experience having Reverend Simmons be part of our ceremony and weekend. It felt as if we had known her for years and so enjoyed getting to share such a special moment with her. Friends and family were touched by her words. We couldn’t have asked for a more personalized and kind tone to the ceremony.

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterAshley Charron & Jason Parker, Unitarian Meeting House, February 4, 2015

Reverend Linda was the perfect officiate for our wedding.  She was welcoming, easy going and worked hand-in-hand with us on every facet of our big day.  Reverend Linda beautifully translated our love story into a powerful and moving ceremony.  We highly recommend Reverend Linda!

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterFred Huddleston and Clay Rogers, Unitarian Meeting House, September 6, 2014

“Clay and I, after being in a relationship for fourteen years, thought it time to make a commitment to each other. Marriage equality was not available in Texas at that time so we looked elsewhere. Being Christian we wanted a church ceremony and loving the ocean (our home is in the historic port city of Galveston) we wanted to be on the water. We chose Nantucket as I had been there in the early 1970’s, Massachusetts was the first state to have marriage equality, and there was a Unitarian Universalist church there. What we did not realize was how blessed we were to be welcomed and counseled (long distance!) by Rev. Linda Simmons. She did everything and more to make our special day perfect. Just before the service when she found our prerecorded music was not working with their sound system she went on line, found each piece and quickly downloaded them. We cannot express our gratitude enough for the love and caring we experienced.”

Linda Simmons | Nantucket Wedding MinisterJohanna & Mike Foster, Wauwinet, August 22, 2013

“Our Wedding ceremony was officiated by Reverend Linda Simmons and we are entirely happy in our decision to have her as our Minister.

In our first meeting Linda assured us that we were in good hands – and she was right.

Linda got to know Mike and me and asked us good questions and helped us structure and personalize our ceremony so that it felt unique to us.  We learned more about one another through the process.  Linda was an invaluable part of our wedding ceremony – and started us on our life’s journey together in an honest, meaningful and celebratory way.

Linda has a presence and a faith which made Mike and I feel confident and happy. Linda is a blessing- and I would recommend her to couples of all faiths, ages and backgrounds.”